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A basic way to modify the light is to adjust some camera settings.

First, after taking a test shot, determine whether the image is too dark or too light. Let's deal with too dark, first.

This photo was taken in Brugge, Belgium of "Madonna & Child".  This is an example of changing an EV setting.

Madonna & ChildMadonna & ChildPicture of famous statue by Michelangelo, "Madonna & Child".

This is basically called exposure compensation on any camera.  This was a very dark church we toured and when I used my flash, it made it way too bright. So with the flash off, I used the EV setting to brighten the image until it rendered the right lighting for the subject.  Another way to brighten an image is simply to change your ISO setting.  If you shoot on 400  go higher for dark scenes such as in settings where no flash is allowed. However, going way too high with ISO can result in grainy images or distorted lighting.

If an image you are taking is too bright, simply lower either the EV setting or ISO. I find that going with the EV setting first is best for minor changes. 

Another way to modify light is with the use of a polarizing filter. Adjust it while at a 90 degree angle to the sun. You will see the scene change as you turn it.  When you get to the most pleasing rendering of the scene, take the picture.  Polarizing filters are useful for eliminating glare, such as on water, windows or any annoying reflection such as cars.  Another great use of polarizers are on Fall scenes or any scenic, as it will  intensify the colors.  Just don't shoot at an extreme rendering of the scene as it normally will make the sky look way too blue as well as other colors will not look natural.  So have fun trying your camera at different settings and happy shooting!   



















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